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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  February 20, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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unafraid. captions by closed captioning services >> shepard: this is the fox report. tonight, just a week away from the next presidential contest and they are asking is mitt romney in trouble? tonight, the candidates are attacking. plus, gas shocker. record-setting prices at the pump. >> they are getting pretty ridiculous. >> shepard: analysts say expect prices to keep on soaring. >> wow. that's impressive. >> shepard: we'll look at what's driving the spike and whether we can expect any relief. don't look to iran for help. the iranians now threatening to cut off oil shipments if the world doesn't start playing by the rules. tonight, iran's new threat and how its nuclear program figures into all of this.
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plus, 50 years after john glenn made history. >> god speed, john glenn. >> 3, 2, 1, 0. >> roger, the clock is operating. we are underway. >> shepard: we'll look at nasa's incredible record of achievement and set backs. >> nasa, we have a problem. >> and what comes next in the race to the stars. first, from fox this holiday monday, gas prices in america hitting record levels for this time of year, and it comes as iran threatens to cut oil exports which could cause a spike in petroleum prices around the world. first aaa reports the average for a gallon of regular gas is 3.57. the high it's ever been so earlier of the year. some parts of the country it's more expensive. parts of california seeing prices for super around 5 bucks. >> they are getting pretty
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ridiculous. i suppose they have been for a while now. but it just seems to be getting higher and higher. it's pretty crazy. >> we are going to cut out of here and find another gas station. >> shepard: don't look for any relief there or anywhere else. oil prices are also on the rise. there is no evidence they will be heading back down any time soon. team fox coverage tonight. jennifer griffin on iran's role in all of this. begin with fox business network gerri willis who is live in our new york city newsroom. is this all iran or more to it to that, gerri. >> a lot of iran. threatening to close the strait of hormuz. stopped sending oil to clients u.k. there are companies. production problems in our very own country. there is a lot of work here. it's not demand that is the problem. it's supply. >> shepard: when gas prices go up, the cost of everything that has to move around goes up. the question tonight is how big of a political issue is this going to be? >> it's a very big political issue. g.o.p. candidates, of course,
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hitting the administration strong every day on this topic. i want to show you a chart of presidential approval ratings, gas prices. they march in lock step pretty much. if gas prices go high, approval rating goes down, shep. >> shepard: gerri willis from fox business. gerri, thanks. iran isn't helping matters at all. they are stopping oil ex40s great britain and france and they are considering whether to extend that ban to other countries. that comes after the european union announced upcoming plans to boycott iranian oil over that country's nuclear program. iran's act of turning off the tap to britain and france is not that big of deal in the grand scheme of things because iranian oil accounts for but a small percentage of their imports. but it is another signal of the rising tensions in what is already a very serious standoff. team fox coverage continues. jen griffin at the pentagon tonight. jennifer, some u.n. nuclear inspectors are in iran now. >> that's right. it's their second trip there
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in two weeks. this time they would like to interview some iranian nuclear scientists. they would also like to have access to the parchen military base. that is the military base that a recent iaea report suggested iran -- where iran had constructed a large explosives containment vessel for unknown testing purposes. but it doesn't look like the iranians will give the inspectors access to the base. in the meantime, iran appears to be preparing for war, carrying out more military exercises with antiaircraft batteries near their nuclear reactor near bashar, shep. >> shepard: is there a sense that israel may be preparing for some sort of strike? >> well, there is certainly a lot of planning going on. if you take the top leadership here at the pentagon at their word, you heard the top u.s. military commander general martin dempsy say over the weekend that he does not think this is the right time for a military strike against iran. he was echoing the sentiment of foreign -- the british
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foreign secretary william hague who said the same thing to the bbc this weekend. meanwhile, the israelis are taking -- are not taking any chances. they are deploying the iron dome missile shield near tel aviv. they deployed that today. this comes just days after they tested an antiballistic missile test in the mediterranean sea, shepard. >> shepard: jennifer griffin at the pentagon. thank you. the united states and mexico today agreed to work together for drilling for oil and gas in the gulf of mexico. the secretary of state hillary clinton and mexico's foreign minister signed the deal. it stems from an agreement the president made with the mexican president back in 2010. the u.s. and mexico will now share profits and work together to avoid spills and more. >> at a time when we are working hard to both secure energy supplies and shift to more environmentally appropriate means of
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extracting fossil fuels but also adding immeasurablably to our search for renewable energy, this agreement is a win-win. >> shepard: the united states interior secretary says this makes an area the size of delaware more accessible for oil exploration and production. well, we are awaiting word from europe on whether officials will give the final go ahead on a bailout plan for the nation of greece. it's $170 billion loan package. it's meant to save greece from going bankrupt within weeks. in some european officials have actually suggested bankruptcy would be preferable to lending out this money. in greece, the people have been rioting to protest the cutbacks that the bailout would require. but despite the drama, at least -- or i should say at least check european finance ministers were still moving forward with a plan. world markets seemed encouraged with exchanges posting gains today in london. germany, and france. of course, the markets closed here in the united states.
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in observance of washington's birthday, which is what it really is and presidents' day which has become. things aren't looking great for mitt romney's campaign in the state of michigan. that's where he was born, you know. and the polls show rick santorum leading him in the presidential race there despite it all. coming up, what a loss in the michigan primary would really mean in a state that mitt romney's campaign once called a must-win. plus, the americans accused of crimes and detained inside egypt for these many weeks. now we're hearing of a renewed push to get them home. and the details are ahead from the journalists of fox news on this presidents' day fox report. physical condition and i had a heart attack right out of the clear blue... i'm on an aspirin regimen... and i take bayer chewables. [ male announcer ] be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. he's my success story. [ laughs ]
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it's one of 10 states up for grabs on super tuesday as they call it, march the 6th. it's a big prize. 66 delegates from ohio alone. between now and then, michigan. the romney campaign had long considered it home turf because mitt romney was born there his father was the state's governor there back in the 1960's, he has called a win there absolutely imperative. check this out. the real clear politics average of michigan polls shows rick santorum ahead of mitt romney by 5 points. today mitt romney went after his chief rival over his record as a senator. >> during his time in the senate, only two terms, the size of the federal government grew 80%. when republics go to washington, and spend like democrats, you are going to have a lot of spending. that's what we have seen over the last several years. it's time, in my view, to do something that we talk about
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but rarely have done. that is cut the amount of federal spending. >> rick santorum, on the other hand, chose to focus his attention not on mitt romney but on president obama. mike emanuel live in washington. what's the san form line of attack today? >> well, shep, rick santorum says president obama has a radical environmental ideology. he also suggested the president's health care law would take us toward a brave new world where doctors would face pressure to make decisions on costs not what's good for the patient. then there was this on marriage. >> you realize if you are married under obama care, you pay a lot more than if you are living together under obama care? a lot more. thousands of dollars more for the average american family will pay if you are married. if you divorce and live together, obama care gives you a break. >> on energy, santorum also suggested the president is anti-coal and against traditional energy development, shep? >> shepard: santorum leading in the polls in michigan.
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what about across the country. >> the gallup national tracking poll shows santorum has opened 10 point lead on romney. 36 to 26. newt gingrich is a distant third at 13 ron paul is fourth at 11. what is striking is two weeks ago romney held a 15 point edge over gingrich can w. santorum third. since then santorum is up 20 points while romney has dropped 11. shep? >> shepard: some of the candace -- candidates announcing fundraising numbers. romney campaign $6.5 million last month. ron paul's 4.5 million. the republic national committee raised more than $10 million in january. the rnc chair ryan prebusiness released a statement saying that brings the balance above $23 billion. president obama's re-election campaign announced they had raised $29 million last month. of course, none of those totals includes the millions upon millions of dollars that
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the super pacs are bringing. in those are the groups that can raise unlimited amounts of money to spend on ads as long as they don't coordinate officially with the campaigns. >> well, egypt now, where the military leaders say they're working diligently to resolve the case against at least 16 americans. that's the report from senator john mccain who was in egypt today and met with egyptian officials in cairo. you will recall egypt has accused americans of engaging in illegal activities with pro-democracy groups there most of the americans are no longer in the country. egypt has banned six of them from leaving. including this man, sam la hood. the son of the transportation secretary ray la hood. officials in d.c. have threatened to cut a billion dollars in military aid to egypt. senator mccain said those threats may be counter productive. >> we don't think it helps the progression on this very difficult situation for american citizens to make threats. we are not making threats. there is plenty of time to
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make threats. >> shepard: senator lindsey graham also made the trip. he called the accusations against the americans ridiculous and politically motivated. a group of expert skiers searching for fresh powder when a deadly avalanche struck. now one survivor is crediting a relatively new safety device with helping to save her life. have an air bag in your car? wait until you see this. plus, the murder trial of a former college lacrosse star. prosecutors say he killed his ex-girlfriend after writing her a note. and now they have seen the note in court. in it he talks about choking her and being unable to control his actions. the note that ended the closing arguments coming up. ♪ they see me rollin'
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>> shepard: a massive avalanche killed three skiers after it swept them about a quarter mile down a canyon over the weekend. it happened yesterday at stevens pass in washington's cascade mountains about 80 miles north and east of seattle. about a dozen people were making their way through a foot and a half of fresh snow in an out of bounds area when the wall of snow carried four of them the distance of five football fields. most of the other skiers were able to free themselves and rush to dig out the victims. police say the skiers performed cpr on the three men but could not save them. this professional skier survived after inflating a safety device. a sort of air bag, more on that in just a moment. this morning on abc good morning america, she described being stuck in that snow. listen. >> it literally was like being in cement. there was no way i could free myself. i couldn't even, all i could do was just help keep the snow off my face once i was buried
4:20 pm
and just waited for my friends to help come unbury me. >> shepard: according to the colorado avalanche information center there have been 17 deaths in avalanches this year. the skiers knew the risks, they were very experienced and well-equipped. >> well-equipped. they knew the risks, shepard. they knew the area as well. they also knew about the warning. high avalanche warning in effect. still in effect in the pacific northwest above 5,000 feet. now, there is two different ways this avalanche warning comes. when you have too much snow throughout the year or like this year where it's been a very dry year and then all of a sudden you get a foot and a half of snow overnight into sunday. this experienced group of skiers was leading employees from espn and powder magazine on a story when it happened. the first about 30 feet wide 3 feet deep. quickly escalated pro-telling pelg the skiers down the hillside 2,000 vertical feet. skiers today as you might
4:21 pm
imagine were thinking about those lost and safety on the mountain. >> it does make you think twice about just being careful where you go on the mountain and what you are doing. and, yeah, definitely be thinking about them when i'm up there today. >> and, shepard, as i mentioned those warnings are still in effect for the pacific northwest and are going to be in effect for the foreseeable future, shepard. >> shepard: then there is the air bag that saved the one skier. tell us about that. >> you know, we heard about this last night and into today. now will there are pictures of them. the skier is alease sogstad very well known in the skiing community. a writer as well in the sport. she says she heard one of other friends screamed avalanche. that's when she deployed this thing. we have a picture of it. this is what it looks like. an avalanche safety device. it's deployed from her backpack. keeps her head above the snow. in fact, very popular in europe with some of these back country skiers. she says it kept her head above and her hands above the
4:22 pm
snow as well. another skier helped dig her out. they actually found shepard one of the other skiers 6 feet deep under the snow face down. we don't know if he had one of these bags, if he did, it was not deployed. shepard. >> shepard: adam housley live for us tonight. thank you. a powerful winter storm slammed parts of south this holiday weekend and left tens of thousands of people without any power. caused hundreds of traffic crashes including this one in eastern virginia near richmond. that driver, one of at least 700 to lose control on icy roads that's according to virginia state police. you can see the snow just kept coming down as much as nine inches piled up in some places. officials blamed a combination of heavy snow and fog. a jury ha s. now set to decide the fate four lacrosse players accuse of killing his
4:23 pm
girlfriend. murder trial of 24-year-old george huguely. prosecutors read a note they claim investigators found inside the victim's apartment after she died in 2010. in that note they say that the suspect apologized for an earlier choking incident and wrote this. alcohol is ruining my life. i'm scared to know that i can get that drunk to the point where i cannot control how i act. the prosecution argues huguely broke into yardley love's room in a drunken rage, slammed her head against the wall and left her there to die. he was indeed intoxicated and the two of them did in fact fight that night. but that she was alive when he left her. the defense also talked about an email that came to light during the trial in which the suspect apparently told the victim "i should have killed you." huguely's lawyer said it was just an expression, not an actual threat. he compared it to a parent
4:24 pm
telling the child i will crush you and said the suspect showed no intent to kill. george huguely never testified in this case. he could ultimately face life in prison. the jury to begin deliberations the day after tomorrow. the new republic frontrunner rick santorum squaring off with president obama over his quote phony theology. what did santorum mean by that? well, his campaign has given us a, quote, clarification and now a, quote, correction. details ahead in a live report. and espn has fired one of its editors over a controversial headline about jeremy lin. the new york knicks basketball sensation came on the web site. the use of what some saw as a racial slur and jeremy lin's reaction that you might find, well, refreshing, maybe. that's next. rest... while a body in motion tends to stay in motion.
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>> espn has fired an overnight editor over a controversial headline about the nba phenom jeremy lin. the editor says it was an honest mistake. he has taken the sports world by storm. the lin sanity continues with the new york knicks having beaten the dallas mavericks at madison square garden yesterday. after jeremy lin played poorly for once on n. a loss on friday night. a headline briefly ran at espn's mobile web site, well, it was a phrase that contained
4:29 pm
a word that is also used as a slur against those of chinese descent. lin himself says he doesn't think the insult was intentional. a chink in the armor is what they said which is a phrase used from time to time but not normally used referring to chinese. the fired editor says that the offensive meaning never even crossed his mind and that he looks up to lin as a fellow outspoken christian. and, for that matter, the part we left out there is that jeremy lynn says he accepts his apology that that is what christians do. >> chaos new england europe's busiest water way as rising temperatures melt a frozen river and creates an icy disaster. that tops our news around the world in 80 seconds certainia, giant chunks of ice breaking free and surging through the dan newberry river. some of those pieces 2 inches
4:30 pm
thick. causing a floating restaurant to sink. dozens of boats also crashed into each other but no word of anybody hurt. >> spain, at least five people are dead after a van and truck collided north of barcelona. four others and the driver of the truck survived the crash. no word on the extent of the injuries. >> pakistan. hundreds of protests in islamabad chanting friends of america are traitors. [chanting] >> they are demonstrating against the possible reopening of supply lines for u.s. and nato troops in afghanistan. pakistan closed that root following last year's deadly nato strike which reportedly killed two dozen pakistani soldiers. brazil. the iconic carnival comes alive in rio de janeiro. ♪ ♪ dancers and musicians kept
4:31 pm
the party going with traditional street performances. crowds joining in the parade of some ba schools and that's a wrap on this fox trip around the world in 80 seconds. >> shepard: i'm shepard smith. this is the fox report. it's the bottom of the hour, time for the top of the news. two iranian warships, two of them are now docked in syria after they sailed through a major mideast passage way for only the second time in decades. egypt on saturday gave the ships the okay to go through the suez canal and into the mediterranean sea. iranian state television reports the vessels were in syrian port in tar it's tus to train navy as part of a year long agreement. iran's navy chief says the move shows the islamic republic military might. tehran has made the trip just one other time since the 1979
4:32 pm
islamic resolution. last february iranian ships made through the canal after the fall of the egyptian president whose any mubarak. israel objected then and over the weekend said it would watch the iranian warships closely to make sure they don't approach the israeli coach. jonathan hunt has been watching this throughout the day. support from russia, china and iran could really help the president there bashar assad. >> certainly, could shep. that diplomatic and military support from all three of those nations appears to be, if anything, emboldening president bashar assad. and meaning he, feels that he can crack down even more violently on the opposition. remember, the opposition movement was born in the city of homs. we are hearing reports today that syrian troops are massing in greater numbers on the outskirts the opposition fears that president assad is about to launch a final on slot to try to crush them. and they say that if that on
4:33 pm
slot comes the bloodiness is likely to dwarf anything we have seen in this conflict. >> now we are hearing from senator john john mccain and others in the united states we need to do something to help level this playing field. >> senator mccain is on a tour of the middle east. he was in egypt today. he said with the violence ordered by president assad, clearly increasing, it is time for the west to do much more than just stand by and issue words of condemnation. listen. >> there are ways to get assistance ranging from medical assistance to technical assistance, such as g.p.s. and other things that we could provide the syrian national army. support of the syrian national council, and there are ways to get weapons into syria. it is time we gave them the wherewithal to fight back and stop the slaughter. >> there are ways to get weapons into syria.
4:34 pm
of course, obama administration officials have said as recently as last week that that is the last thing they want to do, shep, get more weapons into their country. >> shepard: sounds right. jonathan hunt, thank you. >> back to politics now. the presidential candidate rick santorum continuing his rise in the polls and with it a lot of attention, sometimes the light is blinding. the santorum campaign forced to do some explaining after a comment about president obama's agenda. listen. >> it's about some phony ideal, some phony theology. oh not a theology based on the bible, a different theology. >> shepard: that's a familiar refrain, isn't it? he was speaking to a very conservative religious crowd at the time. he said he wasn't questioning president obama's personal faith but it continued today. today a top campaign aide went on television to further clarify and that led to another correction. ed henry with the news live at the white house tonight. this is a bit involved.
4:35 pm
explain what happened, if you could. >> well, shep, the original clarification came from the former senator himself, rick santorum who went on cbs's face the nation yesterday to say, look, he was not questioning the president's faith. instead, he said, he was raising questions about whether the president had a radical agenda on issues like global warming. take a listen. >> i have repeatedly said i don't question the president's faith. i have repeatedly said i believe the president is a christian. he says he is a christian. i am talking about his world view or his -- the way he approaches problems in this country. and i think they are different than how most people do in america. >> and then today, santorum spokeswoman alice stewart went on msnbc and further tried to clarify by saying that what the senator was referring to was the president's energy policies and she said that it was, quote: radical islamic policies. she later called msnbc after the broadcast and said she
4:36 pm
meant radical environmental policies. not islamic and i spoke to alice stewart tonight. she says she feels terrible and that this was an innocent mistake, shep. >> islamic and environmental are really quite easy to mix up. the democrats seem thrilled by the prospects of a rick santorum opponent here. >> they do because they now believe for the first time rick santorum is a plausible republic nominee. if he were to win michigan, for example, he could get the momentum to get the nomination. democrats think that's good because mitt romney would be focused on the economy which could be the president's achilles heel while rick santorum talks about some of the social issues he seemed delighted to jump on, this take a listen. >> i can't help but think that those remarks are well over the line. >> it's wrong, destructive makes it virtually impossible to solve the problems that we all face together as americans. >> so basically the obama
4:37 pm
campaign thinks rick santorum would be more polarizing. >> he wants to talk about the economy but reporters keep asking him about social issues. that's why this keeps blowing up. of course, that raises the question maybe the candidate needs to be more disciplined, stay on message about the economy and not take the bait every time he gets a question, shep. >> shepard: ed henry at the white house. ed, thank you. earlier this month we profiled on "studio b" in the afternoon program an inhalable caffeine product. this is supposed to provide instant pick-me-up. now the government is taking notice of this product. the reason why coming up. plus, almost a year after a string of violent twisters killed hundreds of people in the deep south. we're heading toward the peek of another tornado season and the government's plan to protect folks has hit some major road blocks. the details ahead as fox reports live tonight. [ tires squeal, engine revs ]
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>> shepard: the food and drug administration reports it will soon launch an investigation into the safety of a new inhalable type of caffeine. it's called arrow air aero it's shot. the canister currently for sale in new york and boston. basically you put the thing in your mouth and you breathe it in. you get the equivalent of about one large cup of coffee. aeroshot's maker claims the product is perfectly okay for adults. the critics including new york democratic senator chuck schumer warn it could be dangerous for a number of reasons. hear, listen. >> 10, 12 snorts of this and you could drink an unseemly level of alcohol. that's why aeroshot may become the next club drug. we want to stop that from happening because it could present a danger, particularly to our young people. >> you could do 10 or 12 snorts as he put it in 30 seconds which would be like having 10 or 12 cups of coffee. we all know what happens when you tell a kid not to do
4:42 pm
something, the kid does it rick lesson that you will is in our newsroom in new york. the f.d.a. has acted on other energy products before. >> they have. the banned four loko after complaints the kids were abusing it the f.d.a. plans to review aeroshot and will consider whether a violation of the federal food drug and cosmetic act has occurred and if so whether regulatory act is warranted. each shot contains 100 milligrams of caffeine. other products with similar amounts of stimulant. dr. manny says aeroshot is far more effective. >> from a point of view of absorption, it gets absorbed almost 100%. anything that you inhale into the tissues of your lungs get absorbed right away. so it's almost like injectable caffeine. and that's where the danger is dr. manny isen concerned kids will aero shot and that's the concern with this review. >> what's the position of the company.
4:43 pm
>> it's not marketing to kids. earlier this month creator told fox news aero shot is safer than other energy products. >> not something naturally or easily mixed with alcohol. if anything, my aero shot will be less used in a club setting than a normal energy drink would be. >> the company's own promotional video on youtube features people using the product in a club-like setting with a d.j. and techno music playing. the company says it doesn't fear the f.d.a. review that, quote, we are confident that it will conclude that aero is a safe product comply with safety regulations. it has plan to introduce to other cities later this year. for now get it online if you want. >> rick leventhal in new york. thanks. >> a year since powerful tornadoes ripped across alabama killed many and left many homeless. need to build much needed storm shelters in dekalb county an hour and a half east
4:44 pm
of birmingham. officials received federal aid men to build those shelters two years ago. as we approach peek season for tornado outbreaks, time is running out. john roberts in our southeast bureau tonight. hey, john. >> good evening to you, shep. the problem seems to be cutting through bureaucratic red tape which is designed to keep people safe actually, in this case potentially endanger people's safety. put up video from a year ago april 27th to show you what's at stake here. year prior for the destruction wrought by these storms. dekalb county try to install six community storm shelters. short-term shelters that could hold 100 people apiece. red tape and a problem with bidding put that all on hold and actually voided out the first bid process. the most recent failed bid occurred last week when the attorney general ruled that two state agencies had jurisdiction over the installation of storm shelters and rules and regulations, separate ones for both of those entities had to be satisfied. county emergency management is
4:45 pm
ringing its hands now. one of these storm shelters in. now dekalb county has got to start all over again. probably will not get those storm shelters n time for this season. chairman of the key cab county commission. shear what he told me. >> there is a lot of red tape going on. we would like to get it through. we want to get it operable. we want to put it in motion. but it seemed like every way we turned, it's just been one obstacle right after the other. >> harrcrow says there have to be rules and regulations. the road blocks are uncalled for. art faulkner is the state's emergency management director, he administers the grabs -- grants to install these structures. is he frustrated. he wants to get the shelters in as soon as possible. but he also says they do have to be installed properly so they hold up in a storm. >> i think the worst thing we could do is get in a hurry and try to eliminate the need for
4:46 pm
some of this regulation and then end up having some of our citizens die as a result of that that's ultimately what we can't have. here is the catch. dozens of safety shelters have been installed so far. this one took a hit in january. that's bentley taking a look. that was installed five years ago with absolutely no red tape. it's the same type of shelter that dekalb county wants to put in. they can't find out why maplesville did d. it and they can't. shep? >> documentary team rescued mostly iranian crew from a burning ship in the persian gulf. of course the film crew recorded the rescue. the burning vessel was reportedly taking fuel from dubai to iran when something went wrong with the engine. the fire burned today nasa marks a milestone. it's been 50 years to the day
4:47 pm
since john glenn became the first american toker bit the earth. we are live at kennedy sportscenter -- space center as fox reports on past present and future of space travel. brand new reports on our nation's airlines. do you think they are doing better in some aspects of customer service? we will get to that and all the details just ahead.
4:48 pm
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4:50 pm
>> 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. >> roger, clock is operating. we are underway. >> flight. astronaut john glenn tucked into that tiny mercury capsule atop a rocket that blasted into face space.
4:51 pm
>>or bit the earth. in the years since, we here on the ground have watched nasa put men on the moon, build a working laboratory in space and studied many distant stars and planets. now as nasa celebrates glorious past, officials in the space agency work on what comes next in a time of limited budgets. phil keating is at ksc for us tonight. hey, phil. >> hi, shep. welcome to february 20th, 1962. this is the actual mission control which the mercury team helped monitor the velocity of john glenn. old desks as he set history and made a national triumph. flight director stood here. cap come talked to glen right here. and over there on the big wall, take a look at this low tech scene. little black space craft, that is actually a replica of mercury, slowly inch along the wall. believe it or not, this was state of the art at the time,
4:52 pm
but it worked putting john glenn into space beating the soviets. keep in mind this the shiite of the cold war tension between the soviet union and the united states peeking at the time soviet beast beat nasa with the first orbit around the world. 10 months later mercury team and glen successfully bettered that and eventually won the space race. there was a time period where some of those early flights brought us back and sort of looking at ourselves differently and into the american psyche. i'm glad we could have some impact. >> everyone at the time, of course, oh they were very vividly remembering. this over the weekend surviving members of the mercury team all of these men in their 70s and 80's now back in the 1960's, these guys were super stars, and even the tourists here today say that
4:53 pm
50 years ago. saw it on black and white tv and they trer vividly. >> amazed. all the fire and smoke and everything and the guy from ohio. going up into space. >> the plan right now for nasa to he replace the retired space program is the orion. scheduled for a test flight unmanned two years from now and then if it's successful, putting men and women astronauts on board u.s. crowd by the 2018. as with everything now there is an app. for it ipad app. you can actually be in mission control on this day 50 years ago. these are the actual desks. back then, of course no touch pad dialing. every employee at nasa had a built-in ashtray right here on their desk. stressful times back in those days. shep? >> i will say. phil keating. 50 years later. thanks, pal. >> the late singer whitney
4:54 pm
houston was buried this weekend and already some of her stuff is about to get up for auction. we will show you and tell you how to get it. >> window or aisle copd makes it hard to breathe, so i wasn't playing much of a role in my own life, but with advair, i'm breathing better so now i can take the lead on a science adventure. advair is clinically proven to help significantly improve lung function. unlike most copd medications, advair contains both an anti-inflammatory and a long-acting bronchodilator,
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they steam and bake the actual whole grain while the otr guy's flake is more processed. mmm. great grains. the whole whole grain cereal. >> shepard: earlier in this newscast reporting on fundraising numbers for republicans. now we have got the other two presidential candidate numbers. newt gingrich campaign reports it raised 5.6 million last month. politico is now reporting rick santorum's campaign says its brought in 4.5 million during that same period. we reported earlier mitt romney's campaign announced 6.5 million last month. ron paul's campaign 4.5. on sale soon, clothing and other items that long to the late whitney houston, that from a celebrity auctioneer. he says it is starting next month. this pair of earrings that whitney wore in the film the body guard will go on the block along with this black velvet dress and more. that seller says the items became available after the star's death nine days ago and be part of a long planned sale
4:58 pm
of hollywood memo more beal i can't. the auction also includes charlie chaplain's cane and clark gable's jacket from gone with the wind. before we go our team's top five things of the day. number five, nbc reports the troubled actress lindsay lohan will host "saturday night live" next month. still doing community service for dui conviction and series of parole violations. number four, 12-time all star manny ramirez reached a minor league deal with the eke land a's. before he can play he has to serve a 50 game suspension for testing drug. his second. inflatable backpack helped a pro-skier survive a avalanche in washington state. three others didn't make it number two, police in the caribbean say they have a person of interest in the robbery of the supreme court justice steven breyer in his reaction home there. and number one, oil prices hit a 9-month high after iran stopped exports to great
4:59 pm
britain and france. the national average in the united states for a gallon of regular unleaded is now 3.57. that's "the fox report's" top five. and on this day in 1942, u.s. fighter pilot edward o'hare shot down five japanese bombers and became america's first world war ii flying ace. o'hare was a lt. on the uss lexington in the south pacific. when the ship's radar warned of impending attack, o'hare and his squad drop jumped into action. within four minutes the navy sharp shooter downed those five planes and returned to lexington a hero. the following year o'hare died while leading the first nighttime attack from an aircraft carrier. and if the name o'hare sounds familiar, it's because chicago's largest airport is named in his honor but an airmen went aces high 70 years ago today. and now you know the news for this


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